Petrol Price Expected to Decline

Mar 13, 2024
Petrol Price Expected to Decline

The federal government of Pakistan is poised to announce revised petrol and diesel prices for the second half of March 2024, with expectations of a notable reduction. Reports indicate that the government is likely to decrease the price of petrol by Rs5, bringing it down to Rs274.61 per liter, while diesel may see a reduction of Rs4.81, settling at Rs283.12 per liter. These adjustments are anticipated to take effect from March 16, 2024.

The potential cut in petroleum prices is attributed to a downward trend in the international market. Brent crude futures experienced a decrease of 0.4%, reaching $81.82 per barrel, indicating a favorable trend for consumers in Pakistan. This decline in international oil prices provides an opportunity for the government to pass on the benefits to citizens by reducing domestic fuel prices. Currently, the per liter price of petrol in Pakistan stands at Rs279.62, with high-speed diesel priced at Rs287.33. If the reported reductions materialize, Pakistanis can expect relief at the pumps, with petrol costing Rs274.61 per liter and diesel priced at Rs283.12 per liter.

This anticipated adjustment in fuel prices reflects the government’s efforts to alleviate the financial burden on citizens amidst global economic uncertainties. Lower fuel prices can positively impact various sectors of the economy, including transportation, manufacturing, and agriculture, by reducing input costs and enhancing affordability. Additionally, it can ease inflationary pressures, thereby improving the overall economic well-being of the population.

Overall, the potential reduction in petrol and diesel prices demonstrates the government’s commitment to mitigating the impact of rising living costs and fostering economic stability and growth.

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