First Time Ever in Pakistan

Mar 17, 2024
First Time Ever in Pakistan

Karachi’s Jinnah Hospital has conducted robotic surgery to treat diabetes and obesity. It marks the first time in Pakistan’s history that robotic surgeries for these issues have been conducted.

The successful operation was performed on a 45-year-old obese woman with diabetes. It involved reducing the size of the stomach and the large intestine to speed up digestion. Professor Shahid Rasool, who led the operation, stated that the surgery would help the woman lose weight and reverse diabetes. After the procedure, the patient would no longer require medication or insulin to control blood sugar levels.

The use of robotic surgery in medical procedures offers 3D vision, reducing operation complexities and minimizing blood loss and incision size.

Since September 2023, Jinnah Hospital has performed a total of 135 robotic surgeries, including those in urology, gynecology, and general surgeries, with specialized training sessions held for gynecological robotic surgeries.

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