Boost Pakistani Startups

Mar 10, 2024
Boost Pakistani Startups

IT Minister Umer Saif shared some exciting news for Pakistani startups that dream big globally. He talked about the launch of the BridgeStart program, which aims to help 100 startups every year. These startups will get support to join any of the top 40 programs in the world that help new businesses grow faster, called incubators or accelerators.

Taking inspiration from the success stories of startups in famous programs like YCombinator and 500 Startups, this new program wants to help startups overcome the challenge of not having enough resources. They will offer up to Rs 5 million to startups that qualify. This money will cover their expenses for things like travel and staying abroad while they take part in these international programs The goal of this program is to give Pakistani startups a boost so they can grow faster and get support from more advanced systems and places where they can get money to grow their businesses.

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